South Korea Says U.S. Chips Act Subsidies Have Too Many Requirements

Trade ministry says ‘unusual conditions’ will make investment in U.S. difficult Wall Street Journal (Wednesday, March 8, 2023) by Jiyoung Sohn SEOUL—The U.S. Chips Act is dangling billions of dollars in subsidies in front of the world’s biggest semiconductor manufacturers, but South Korea says there are too many strings attached. The conditions for receiving the subsidies unveiledContinue reading “South Korea Says U.S. Chips Act Subsidies Have Too Many Requirements”

TECHtonic Shifts

TECHtonic shifts between the U.S. and China are shaking up geopolitical relations and global supply chains. Media analysis, and even more thoughtful think tank analysis, tends to interpret what’s happening as either temporary instability attributable to the national leadership currently in place (pick your favorite flavor — tart Trump or lingering after-taste Xi) — orContinue reading “TECHtonic Shifts”